Gender And Age Discrimination Under Nigerian Employment Laws – Are There Adequate Protections Under Our Laws?

It is unarguable that the labour force  is still rife with  several discriminatory practices. Among the several forms of discrimination, two major forms of discrimination that stands out are gender and age discrimination and they are both prevalent in  Nigeria….

An Insight Into Renewable Energy Transition Trends and The Efforts of The Nigerian Government- Legal Framework Affecting Investment.

ABSTRACT The drive for renewable energy utilization in Nigeria can be traced back to the 1970s oil shock. During the crisis, Nigeria earned significant sums of money from oil, but it also faced soaring inflation and a disregard of other…

The Exclusive Legislative List and the Concurrent Legislative List – a case for restructuring or Constitutional defect?

Federalism in simple terms is the division of law-making powers and functions between two levels of government, so that general and regional governments are each within a sphere co-ordinate and independent.   This was confirmed by the Supreme Court in A.G….