Successfully Providing Legal Solutions in Nigeria, England and Wales

Who we are

Brickmans Law is an evolving, dynamic  full-service law firm with refreshing perspectives to the practice of law that is  premised on competence, integrity, and providing legal services to Nigerian, African and International clients in diverse jurisdictions. 

We are strategically located in Victoria Island, Lagos (Nigeria’s corporate and financial centre) and the United Kingdom.

Our Firm is the product of  the  shared vision of university classmates who have practised law in leading corporate organisations and law firms in Nigeria, England and Wales,  and possess extensive legal experience providing innovative, robust, pragmatic, speedy, and  cost effective solutions to clients. 

We believe that service based on proficiency, efficiency and professionalism are the pillars of success. We are driven to provide legal solutions to clients not as an academic pursuit but as a key component that supports pragmatic business strategy and  the decision-making process of our clients.

Our goal is to assist businesses and individuals to safely navigate the labyrinth  of legal and regulatory considerations and  maximise opportunities.

Our Practice Areas include:

Why Brickmans Law?