The Exclusive Legislative List and the Concurrent Legislative List – a case for restructuring or Constitutional defect?

Federalism in simple terms is the division of law-making powers and functions between two levels of government, so that general and regional governments are each within a sphere co-ordinate and independent.   This was confirmed by the Supreme Court in A.G. Federation v. A.G. Lagos State where it was held that: “Federalism is an arrangement whereby … Read more

An overview on CBN’s new Framework for Payment Service Providers

In December 2020, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced new licence categorisations for the Nigerian payments system, in accordance with their responsibility to promote and facilitate the development of efficient and effective systems for the settlement of transactions. These new re-categorisations are set out to improve efficiency of payments systems in Nigeria, enhance risk … Read more

Setting up your Start-up: 9 Essential Agreements You Need

With the largest economy and population in Africa, Nigeria has seen a rise in the number of successful start-ups, particularly in Lagos State which has been described as Africa’s Silicon Valley.  So, you have a great idea, you can see potential to make profit and you’ve found a person or persons that you can partner … Read more

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